Organizational Culture

Organizations today need more than a solid product and good people

In the world today, its not enough to have a good product, or good people. To make a difference, the people and the product need to be supported by an underlying culture which exemplifies and reinforces the principles that the organization is founded upon.

All over the world, people, companies, and organizations of all kinds strive to create an internal culture which accomplishes the mission, while maintaining the principles of the founders and which lives up to the standards they have set. Frequently however, these people struggle to accomplish this goal because they do not understand what makes a culture, which factors will solidify it, and which will tear it down.

This is especially true as an organization grows, because quite naturally, as the size of the organization grows, the everyday influence of the founders affects fewer and fewer people, and the principles that once were the norm, become engulfed by the beliefs and principles or lack thereof of the masses.


When faced with creating, changing, or maintaining an organizational culture, these are some of the most important questions to consider.


  • Does my leadership want this culture
  • What principles drive this culture
  • What is the desired outcome
  • Does the culture match the principles of the leaders
  • What resources will the leaders make available



  • What is the size of my organization
  • What is the current culture
  • What is important to the people now
  • What will the people do to fight for the culture they currently have


Do I have

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Vision
  • Idols
  • Stories
  • Rituals
  • Legends


Organizational Culture

The Organizational Culture Presentation

This presentation is designed to get attendees thinking about culture. They are taken through an experience where they will begin to understand where culture comes from, and how culture teaches us how to behave. Attendees will begin to be able to identify the underlying message that produces specific behavior in all cultures, and specifically in organizational culture. The presentation then turns to the factors that must be present for an organizational culture to form, what tools people use when creating or maintaining a culture, and the motivation behind creating or maintaining one. Reminded that a culture will develop no matter what, the choice becomes clear - be involved or wait to respond. 

The Organizational Culture Workshop

This workshop focuses completely on creating the foundation and a road map for the creation and maintenance of an organizational culture. Participants will identify the core values and principles that are desired in the culture, and develop a plan for doing so. They will identify the tools and other necessities for the plan to succeed, what factors would prevent its success and how to minimize them, how to gain "buy in" from the people, and finally create a contract for the execution of this implementation.

Organizational Culture Consulting

Beyond the presentation, Mark provides evaluation and consultation on the creation and maintenance of culture, how to change a culture and maintain productivity and more. Contact Mark now for availability.