Many people today cannot set and accomplish goals effectively

Look around today, and everywhere you look, you will find a different book, another program, a new audio cassette, a motivational poster, something that either teaches or suggests the importance of goal setting, but our people still seem to lack the ability to do so. Setting and Achieving goals appears to us to be something that only the Olympic champions of the world have any talent for

It is however, simply not true. The truth is that any of us can set and accomplish goals, any of us can achieve incredible things. The difference is sometimes the lack of a tool, or the lack of understanding the goal setting process, but more often than not, it is simply a lack of motivation.

The key then, to success in a goals program, is to find out what things motivate each individual both positively and negatively, and to structure the goals, rewards, and punishments around these motivations so that each person is either at maximum accomplishment, or learns that they have not correctly identified their motivations. Either way intelligent decisions about the future can be made.


Explore Motivations

  • Find out what motivates you and your employees
  • Discomfort and how it motivates you
  • Real Goals vs Dreams and Icons
  • Leveraging the goal


Using goals to evaluate personnel

  • What you can tell from a goals program
  • Accountability Coaching
  • When the truth is revealed
  • Why employees love/hate goals


Tools and More

  • Forming Goals
  • Goal Tracking
  • The Perfect Year
  • Getting back on track



Goal Setting Presentations and Workshops

The Goals Workshop 

This workshop is about setting and accomplishing goals, and begins with an exploration of motivations, what makes people do things, or avoid doing things; what the common motivations are of all people, and how we can discover the expression of these motivations in each person. Managers and employees alike will benefit from this lecture as they discover how to identify motivations in themselves and others. The workshop then introduces a series of tools for setting and accomplishing goals, and takes the participant through the use of these tools, how they link to the motivation, and how to use them for goal setting, evaluation, discipline, management of others, etc.

Goals Based Management

This workshop is specifically for those who manage other people. It assumes that one understands the basics of setting goals, and provides an overview of identifying primary motivations before jumping directly into how to use a goals program, to create a culture of accomplishment, increase employee retention, reduce litigation from terminated employees and more. These tools are a must for anyone managing people today.

Goals and Accountability Consulting:

You can hire Mark to customize and implement a goals based management program for yourself or your organization. Develop your culture together and create the tools needed so that the culture becomes self sustaining. Find out what pitfalls to avoid and how to ensure the success of your program.