Results Based Management

Due to many factors and over time, cultures around the world have transformed themselves into environments that judge performance using very poor criteria, many times using "how it feels" to determine how effective performance is.

Sadly, this method of evaluation is almost never a sound way to judge performance. It is results that matter in the real world, and it is results that we must learn to use as the criteria for evaluation, both in ourselves, and in our teams.

A results based manager uses the results as a guideline and as a focus point. This single change of mindset can transform the average manager to a super star.

The results based management presentation is an in-depth look at what makes people choose feeling as the basis for decision, and how to change the focus to results without losing any positive traits such as emotional intelligence, direct feedback, professionalism, and integrity.

As a speech

The results based management speech can be delivered to any size audience with surprising results. This speech has been delivered hundreds of times to leadership students and employees everywhere, and has been recorded both as a private presentation for corporate clients, and as a public dvd that can be viewed again and again.

As a workshop

The workshop contains all of the same information as the speech, but ads experiential exercises that let participants discover how they are currently evaluating performance and why, and how to swiftly change into results based evaluation and management. Specific plans will be created for the individual as well as for the team, so that the participants will leave, knowing precisely what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, to generate better results.