Social Media and Marketing

Social Media has forever changed the marketplace and there are deep psychological reasons why these new communities are desirable and here to stay. 

Learn why social media is so appealing to people and why it is NOT a fad. Learn how to use the various forms of social media to your advantage and as a tool for marketing and PR.

A single presentation will give your team the tolls they need to challenge their belief patterns and push into new levels of achievement.






  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked-in
  • Youtube


  Go viral

  • Using video
  • Generate BUZZ
  • Why unconventional ideas get real results online.


Social Media Workshop

The Social Media Workshop 

Designed to illustrate the psychology behind social media and why it has taken off so rapidly. Why Social Media is not a fad, and why it is not going away any time soon. Learn what it takes to be a Social Media Samurai, and how your organization can hire or train people with the right mind-set to be these warrior champions for your brand.

You will also learn how to monitor social media, how to search for and get the statistics you need, which tools will help you identify your customer or client and how to target them where they live. The market is being flooded with books and videos containing old outdated advice, selling us on how we can do the same old thing in this new environment and succeed. Find out why this is a mistake, is just selling to our ego and how we can turn social media into a tool that generates results.